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Example of a CEASE AND DESIST LETTER also called a DMCA or Takedown Letter.

Copyright Infringement Notification Requirements

Formulated for an authorized agent.

This is the letter that I use. You also need to be able to create a url which I do in Google photos. This is necessary in some of the report formats.

Copyright notifications must include the following elements. Without this information, they will be unable to take action on your request:

  1. Your contact information

You’ll need to provide information that will allow them to contact you regarding your complaint, such as an email address, physical address or telephone number.

  1. A description of your work that you believe has been infringed

In your complaint, be sure to clearly and completely describe the copyrighted content you are seeking to protect. If multiple copyrighted works are covered in your complaint, the law allows a representative list of such works.

  1. Each allegedly infringing URL

Your complaint must contain the specific URL of the content you believe infringes your rights, or they can't locate it. General information about the location of the content is not adequate. Please include the URL(s) of the exact content at issue.